Combatives Defensive Tactics Law Enforcement Seminar - October 14th - Worcester, MA

Combatives Defensive Tactics Law Enforcement Seminar - October 14th - Worcester, MA

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Don't miss your chance to be part of the most premier Combatives Seminar in the New England region!

 BJJ COPS, in collaboration with MASS PJJ, is proud to present the largest Combatives course in the New England region. We are bringing together the best of the best, providing a unique opportunity to learn, train, and grow. 

Due to the high demand and in order to maintain the quality of the sessions, spots are limited. Act fast to secure your place at this unrivaled event. Be part of the difference, experience the excellence. Reserve now!
Open to all Law Enforcement Agencies. Federal, State, County, City, Corrections, Court Officers, EMT’s, Firefighters & Qualified Security Companies. 

The seminar led by highly experienced professionals - Law Enforcement/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts.

Brenin DeOliveira
- Active Law Enforcement
- BJJ COPS program Founder
- Coach at BTT Jax
- BJJ Black Belt under Francisco 'Toco' Albuquerque
- Champion at the Massachusetts Open
- Absolute Champion at Dragon's Lair
- DeLariva Cup Champion

Casey LaMonte
- Active Law Enforcement
- Co-Founder of Mass PJJ Team
- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt with extensive experience as an Instructor and Competitor
- Accomplished MMA Veteran
- 6 years of valuable Law Enforcement service
- Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor for the State and MPTC
- BJJ Black Belt under Bruno "Jacare"

Pete DeProspo
- Active Law Enforcement 
- Jiu-Jitsu PD Founder 
- SWAT Operator
- BJJ Instructor at the Department's Police Academy
- BJJ Black Belt under Gabriel Gonzaga


**More instructors TBA**

What to bring?

Good attitude, Full Tactical Gear, tactical pants, duty belt with handcuffs, training Gun, vest or plate carrier, MMA gloves & mouth guard (optional), water, snacks, and extra T-shirt.

The curriculum of the seminar is designed to comply with federal and state use of force laws. The training focuses on techniques for transitioning to control and handcuff positions in a systematic manner, enabling officers to learn and retain the skills effectively. The specific training topics covered in the seminar include takedowns, team takedowns, ground control and defense, team ground control, small and confined space subject control, contact communication, handcuffing, de-escalation, and weapon retention.

Our training is systematic and designed for officers to learn and retain. This is important because it ensures that officers can effectively use the skills they learn in a real-world situation.

$100 Early registration 

$200 Cash at the door 

*Seminars are nonrefundable