Public Safety Seminar - New York City, NY

Public Safety Seminar - New York City, NY

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New York City the waiting is over! Due to size and location spots are "LIMITED" Register while you can. Online registration only, no walk-ins.

Public Safety Ground Control Seminar 

Open to all Law Enforcement Agencies, Corrections Officers, Firefighters, EMS, Military and Qualified Security. 

This Public Safety Seminar offers Public Safety Professionals hands-on educational training in modern defensive tactics. Benefiting from a range of drills, positions and activities, attendees will be able to improve their confidence and physical preparedness in high-risk situations. With the latest advances in defensive tactics, this seminar provides officers with the skills and knowledge to effectively handle an emergency with the utmost safety.

**No experience required**

The seminar is taught by active Law Enforcement Officers/BJJ Black Belts


Brenin DeOliveira - Active Law Enforcement Officer, teaches at a local police Academy, BJJ COPS program founder, competed in National and International Tournaments, Delariva Cup Champion, Massachusetts open Champion, Dragon’s Lair Absolute Champion, BTT Jacksonville Coach, 1st Degree BJJ Black belt Under Francisco ‘’Toco” Albuquerque.

More instructors to be announced*

What to bring?

Good attitude, Full Tactical Gear, BDU, duty belt with handcuffs, training Gun, vest or plate carrier, MMA gloves & mouth guard (optional), water, snacks  and extra T-shirt.

Our courses are in compliance with Federal and State use of force laws. The holds that are taught are for transition to control to handcuff position, and should be trained in a systematic manner for the officers to learn and retain. The training that are specifically taught are as following:

  • Takedowns 
  • Escapes
  • Team takedowns 
  • Ground control and ground control defense 
  • Team ground control
  • Small confined space subject control 
  • Contact communication
  • Handcuffing 
  • De-escalation 
  • Weapon retention 

Curriculum Designed for Cops by Cops.


Date: July 29th, Saturday 

Time: 1pm-5pm

5pm certificates 



Renzo Gracie HQ Academy 

224 West 30th Street

New York, NY 10001


Cost: $100


*Seminars are nonrefundable